Private Organizations

Private Organizations (POs) are self-sustaining special interest groups established by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity and duty as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government.

The Installation Commander authorizes the establishment and operation of all POs, when determined that the organization will make a positive contribution to the lives of base personnel. Unofficial organizations that have $1000.00 in assets over a three-month period must become a PO.

POs are required to submit all documentation to the Private Organization Monitor in order to be established and annually or bi-annually, depending upon the type of document. Documents required for submission are constitution (bi-annually), by-laws (bi-annually), insurance waiver request or copy of liability insurance policy (annually), meeting minutes (anytime there is an organized meeting of the membership), POC listing (upon election of new officers or annually), financial statement (annually), and budget statement (annually).

POs must not engage in activities that duplicate or compete with AAFES or Services activities or Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities. Additionally, POs are not authorized to sell alcoholic beverages, nor are they authorized to engage in continuous resale or operate amusement or slot machines.

POs can conduct fund raisers on the installation at a limit of three per quarter, except during CFC and AFAF. Fund raising during these two campaigns is not authorized due to Executive Order. All fund raisers must have prior approval and all requests must be submitted through the Private Organization Monitor, 21 FSS/FSR.

Logistical support to POs is limited as POs must furnish their own equipment, supplies, and other materials. POs may be provided places to conduct their meetings of reasonable duration and frequency. Should the PO generate additional costs to the government for utilities or janitorial expenses, reimbursement by the PO to the Air Force is required.

POs that disband must notify the Force Support Squadron Commander/Director of their intent to dissolve the PO, with a time-phased action plan to do so.

Private Organization Monitor
125 E. Stewart Ave.
Peterson SFB, CO 80914-1630
DSN 834-7196, Commercial 719-556-7196