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Aero Club Plane at Peterson SFB

Peterson SFB Aero Club

The Aero Club at Peterson Space Force Base offers a variety of aviation services and activities, including flight training for private pilot certification, instrument rating, and commercial pilot licenses. Members can rent well-maintained aircraft and participate in social events, fly-ins, and educational seminars. Open to active duty military, retirees, DoD civilians, and their families, the club fosters a vibrant community of aviation enthusiasts. With a focus on safety and professional development, the club provides experienced flight instructors, rigorous aircraft maintenance, and dedicated facilities, making it an ideal hub for both novice and seasoned pilots.

Private Pilot Ground School

The Private Pilot Ground School is a 8-9 week course, at $700. The course is Jeppesen online, and you meet with the instructor via ZOOM or in person (depending on which you sign up for) about once a week, on a weeknight (6-8 p.m.) to go over materials and ask any questions. Completion of this course prepares you to take the FAA Written with the endorsement from the instructor. After you pass your FAA Written, you have two years to complete the flying portion and pass the Check ride with an FAA DPE for your Private Pilot License requirements. Completion of this course satisfies the FAA minimum requirement for the Ground School portion to get your Private Pilot License. Supplies that come with the class include: Jeppesen Online Login, Instructor time, Kneeboard, Plotter, E6B, Logbook, Maneuver Guide, and Course Syllabus.

You can start your Flight Training before, after or simultaneously with our Ground School, that is totally up to you and instructor availability. I recommend starting to fly after completion of your online modules, or at least the majority completed.(It is difficult to finish your online modules once you get a taste for the fun flying!) It is recommended that when you do start to, fly 2-3 times per week for optimal training, this way you are not relearning lessons and adding to your number of flights/hours ($). All flights are pay as you go. Our T41C’s are our trainers. A one hour flight with the instructor for two hours (one in plane and one for pre and post flight procedures) is about $192.

You do not need to become an AERO Club Member to join our Ground School, but you do need to become a member to fly.

Here is a Membership Packet for more information on the AERO Club.



Please call or stop in the Aero Club in Hangar 133 on Hamilton Ave. (the flight line) to make payment to reserve your spot.

If you have questions, please give us a call.

Flight Certifications Offered

In addition to Private Pilot ground and flight training, the Rocky Mountain USSF Flight Training Center offers these flight certifications, all of which are VA approved:

  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument
  • Multi Engine
  • Multi-Engine Instructor
  • Airline Transport Pilot – Multi-Engine

Specialized Courses

  • Single Engine Add On: A 20-hour transition course for helicopter pilots to train for fixed wing ratings is available, VA approved.
  • Mountain Flying Ground School: Offered on an as-needed basis

THE AERO CLUB: Celebrating 70 Years, 1951-2021

The Aero Club’s first aircraft was a Cessna 140. Roger Reaves, one of the first members of the Aero Club at Pete Field, donated this 1951 photograph and his original ADC Aero Club membership card to the Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center.

Pete Field’s Aero Club was one of the first four started in 1951 by Gen Curtis LeMay. This is a 1951 photo of those first members.

Flight Training Excellence

Peterson SFB, CO – The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the world’s largest aviation association, recognized the Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center (aka, Aero Club) for its high standard of accomplishment in flight training. During the year, Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center flew 3500 hours and achieved a 98% pass rate on FAA written and practice tests. The Association awarded the Training Center, part of the 21st Force Support Squadron, the title of a Distinguished Flight School for 2019, a title given to high scoring flight schools during AOPA’s annual Flight Training Experience Survey.

In addition to the Distinguished Flight School Award. Mr. David R. Novotny, an instructor at the Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center, has been recognized as the Best Flight Instructor in the Northwest Mountain Region, a title given to the top scoring flight instructor. Congrats Mr. Novotny!

AOPA’s Flight Training Experience Awards were created to highlight the best flight training the industry has to offer. This award is only received by the top 3% of flight schools in the nation. “Creating a genuine bond with a customer is crucial to creating a positive flight training experience,” said Chris Moser, AOPA’s Senior Director of Flight Training Education. “Based on the direct feedback we received in the Survey, there is no doubt that this year’s winners have connected in a powerful way to their customers. These flight training providers are doing it right!”

“Along with providing excellent training, superior customer service and a stellar safety record, the Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center is like a family supporting one another to reach their goals.” – Meagan Liggins, Operations Assistant RMUFTC.

The 2019 awards were drawn from flight students and pilots who voluntarily reviewed their flight training experience this past summer through an AOPA online customer satisfaction survey. The process yielded an evaluation of 972 different flight schools and 1,876 individual flight instructors. Learn more:

For information about flight training with The Rocky Mountain USAF Flight Training Center please visit or by call 719-556-4310.