Loan Locker

This facility assists relocating families and those needing a short-term loan with household items.  Relocating families can borrow household items while PCS-ing to/from PetersonSFB for 30-days.  Items available include sleeping mats/futons, folding tables and chairs, dish and pan sets, microwaves, play pens, high chairs, car seats, and more.  

Why pay for necessary items that you know will be arriving shortly when you can simply borrow them?  Also, if you are having a party and need extra card tables and chairs or have guests arriving and need futons or baby items, you’re covered with guest loans for a week.

These items are FREE to borrow.  Just make sure you bring them back on time.

If there is an emergency need during hours when the Loan Locker is not open, please call M&FRC at 719-556-6141.