Volunteer Services


There are many on- and off-base opportunities for volunteering. Give back to the community and to yourself!

Call M&FRC at 719.556.6141 or send an email to 21fss.fsfr@us.af.mil.

Are you interested?


  • Military & Family Readiness Center
  • The Attic
  • Chapel
  • Legal Office
  • Library
  • Loan Locker
  • Museum
  • Retiree Activity Office
  • Sexual Assault Response (SARC)
  • Thrift Shop
  • Youth Center

If you would like to receive emails of on- or off-base volunteer opportunities, please call 719.556.6141 or send an email to 21fss.fsfr@us.af.mil.


The Attic and Loan Locker are open every Monday – Wednesday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Donation accepted during open hours.

The Attic is a shop of used and new items. It is available to military members and family members with the ranks of E5 or below. All shop items are FREE and are in great condition. There are children’s clothing, household goods, books and movies, shoes, accessories and much more.

As well as the items mentioned, the Attic has a Food Pantry with non-perishable items for the taking. Stock is always changing so it’s a great idea to regularly visit the Attic.

Within the Attic is a Military Clothes Section. This area is available to all military members, regardless of rank.

The Attic is completely run by wonderful volunteers. We appreciate your support. Please call us at 719.556.3215.