Triathlon Club as Fitness

April 17, 2024

Most athletes don’t sit still for very long. They’re usually working out in some capacity with the goal of being ready to compete in an upcoming competition – be it local, regional, national or beyond. Or just to best their own time, even by a second or two.

Our Aquatics Center and Fitness Center staff know you need those ‘tests’ to keep you in peak condition and they are preparing to host a Triathlon on Sat., July 13, here on Peterson SFB. Look for more information and official publicity to start about June 1 or so. In the meantime, folks are already on their bikes, zipping around on city streets and cranking up steep terrain. They’re jogging around the city, and they’re in the pool practicing starts and turns or other skills that swimmers need to perfect in order to gain the edge.

The Aquatics Center, in fact, has a Triathlon Club that offers different skills sessions every month that triathlon competitors need to know and do well at. The skill sessions are $10/session, or you can pay an annual membership fee of $50, that covers your participation for a year!

Click here to see what the skill sessions are for this month. If you have questions, stop by the Aquatics Center, Bldg. 404, or call them at 719.556.4608.

Keep working. Tomorrow you could be two seconds faster that you were today.