Transition Assistance Program

The Peterson SFB Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides information and training to ensure transitioning service members and spouses leaving military service are prepared for their next step in life whether pursuing additional education/technical training, finding jobs in the private sector, starting a small business and understating veteran affairs information. Our goal is to ensure each member’s Career Readiness Standards (CRS) are met. Plan ahead!

The Transition Assistance “process” is listed in its entirety on the Transition Assistance Career Readiness Standards page.

Retiring? Connect with us 2 years prior.

Separating? Connect with us 1 year prior.

For more information, call 719.556.6141.


Click here for Transition Course Schedule 2024

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Please visit our Employment Assistance page for other helpful employment resources.

Visit our Transition Assistance Career Readiness Standards page.