Info for Parents

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Now, you can trust your children to the responsible, safe, supportive care that thousands of other Air Force families have discovered – Peterson Family Child Care (FCC). FCC offers in-home care for your children ages 2 weeks to 12 years in the housing of active duty military personnel or affiliated providers. FCC is offered on an hourly, part-day or full-day basis. It can help you in the event that your child is ill or has other special needs. It’s available for various official military duties and assignments, including exercises and extended duty hours. In short, it’s everything you need to make sure your children have everything they need.

FCC providers must meet stringent requirements. They are required to be over 18 years of age, able to read and speak English, and in good mental and physical health. They also must pass a comprehensive background check (including family members) and complete a basic orientation program prior to licensing. Additionally, within the first 18 months of licensing, providers must complete 15 Air Force standardized training modules equating to approximately 60 hours of training. Finally, to ensure your peace of mind, they are required to complete additional training each year. This is similar to the training required of child development center employees.

When you leave your child in the home of a FCC provider, you can be sure that it is fully-equipped for your child’s physical safety. That’s because the FCC program lends providers important child safety items. That’s in addition to monthly home visits to ensure that every provider is consistently maintaining all safety standards. In addition to child safety items, the FCC program lends providers a wide range of developmentally appropriate educational materials and supplies for infants through school-aged children. Finally, but most importantly of all, you can be sure your children will receive the attention and support they need when you leave them in a FCC home.

Make sure your child has the safe, secure supportive care that you need him or her to have. Place them in a stimulating in-home environment that will provide them with the nurturing and developmental materials and interactions they need to thrive.


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