The High Frontier Honor Guard fulfills a key role in the quality of life of active duty, retiree and veteran families by providing final tribute for deceased military members on behalf of the president of the United States and the United States Air Force.

The High Frontier Honor Guard supports 41 counties in Colorado and eight counties in western Kansas. The area of responsibility of the High Frontier Honor Guard extends from the Utah border to Colby, Kansas, and from the New Mexico border to Longmont, Colorado. This area consists of approximately 91,000 square miles and contains two national cemeteries.

Bugles Across America

With the help of Bugles Across America (BAA), a non-profit organization, the High Frontier Honor Guard ensures a live bugler is used for active, retiree and veteran funerals. This organization provides a live rendition of taps, further recognizing our deceased warriors.

Bugles Across America now has 1500 bugler volunteers located in all 50 states and has minimized the use of the digital bugle at the High Frontier Honor Guard.