Q. Why is the surcharge so high?

A. Surcharge rates are established by Congress and are currently 33% for cash customers at all AF dining facilities. Your surcharge cost is directly proportionate to your meal cost. The more your meal cost, the more surcharge is added. So if the cost of your meal was $1.00, you will pay $.35 surcharge, which brings your total cost to $1.35 If the cost of your meal is $4.00, you will pay $1.30 surcharge, bringing your total cost to $5.30.

Q. How come the prices vary from base to base?

A. The “Cost of Goods” varies from region to region and Prime Vendor to Prime Vendor. This has a direct affect on the item price at the dining facility. Peterson AFB has Shamrock Foods as our current Prime Vendor. An identical item at Hill AFB (different Prime Vendor), for example, may cost less or more depending on the item price at which they receive goods from their Prime Vendor.

Q. Why isn’t my $10-$11/day Per Diem enough to cover my 3 meals per day at the dining facility?

A. Per Diem subsidizes your BAS. BAS is currently approximately $8.20 per day. BAS is designed to feed the member, not his/her family. So while TDY to Peterson and staying in Lodging, you have approximately $19-$20 per day for subsistence.

Q. Can the dining facility pre-make certain items, i.e. hamburgers ahead of time to help move the lines along, I waited 15-20 minutes for a hamburger?

A. HQ AFSVA Golden Eagle Standards prohibit pre-cooking items, that are designated cook-to-order. This policy is in place to ensure product quality and freshness.

Q. Why did I pay for a bun, when all I requested was the hot dog?

A. The Air Force recipe for “Hot Dog” includes the meat, bread, etc. You the customer will pay for all items in a recipe. If you choose not to eat or accept the bread, it does not change the price of the “Hot Dog”.

Please contact the Aragon Dining Facility Management Staff at 719.556.4723, or visit our office at the Aragon with any questions or concerns.